The Phoenix 1963-1967

The Phoenix 1962-66

Check out this url for access to The Phoenix from October 10, 1963

(if it goes to page 1 with the issues from 1881, just hit refresh to get to page/19)

and read the lead article about our incoming class. Or jump to

for the May 9, 1967 issue, the final one published while we are still on campus.

(These links should take you to page 19 or page 21. Sometimes they take you to page 1, where you'll find the December 1, 1881 issue. Just refresh that page and it should jump to p. 19 or 21.) 

The issues are easy to browse. You can click on an article of interest to turn it yellow and then double click to get just that article to appear blown up in its own window. There then is a download button above the article that you can click is you wish to save it to your computer.

Talk about a trip down memory lane.